Milford Baptist Kindergarten

Alert Level 3

 We are very happy that we will remain closed in Level 3 to keep our children, families and staff safe but If your circumstances change please contact us.

The Early Childhood Council is fighting for all Childcare Centres to stay closed under Level 3. It is impossible to safely open and keep a 3-metre distance from each other. Three babies over the weekend contacted C-19 in NZ and there are 34 cases of children under the age of 9 with C-19. Of all cases 25% where asymptomatic so we could have children coming into the Centre with no symptoms spreading it to other children and staff. I hope they win the fight for all the other Centres that have to open in Level 3.

We have plans to step up the contact through Educa with all our families. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice. If you know of any families that are struggling at home who do not attend MBK and need some help we are happy to assist them with resources. We are just a call or email away.