Author: Shelagh

Our current projects, 'Dinosaurs' and 'Bird's Nest', continue to attract interest. Different learning activities from these emerged. As a result, new curiosities were revealed driven by these, and the children will inform us where and when to unveil our new

Morena tamariki and whanau, Firstly, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all had a beautiful day, got lot's of kisses, heaps of hugs and a delicious dinner. Today I have a science experiment for you (it is one of my favourites!). We

Morena all - it's your personal trainer back with another workout! I came across this one and thought it looked like fun. It's HIIT style so it won't take long but you'll need a timer - some bonus mathematical learning

 We are very happy that we will remain closed in Level 3 to keep our children, families and staff safe but If your circumstances change please contact us. The Early Childhood Council is fighting for all Childcare Centres to stay closed under