Milford Baptist Kindergarten

Term 4, week 1 Monday 15 – 19 October 1/9

Welcome back to term 4. This is a short term with only 9 weeks.

Monday the 22nd is Labour Day, so we will be closed.

Our Children’s Christmas Service will be on Sunday the 9th of December in the Church. This is always a special time to bring all the whanau together and watch the wonderful performances by the children. We will soon start practising the songs etc with the children.

Friday 14th December is our last day of term, this is our Christmas Party Day where we invite all our children for some special entertainment, morning tea and a visit from Santa. We do not charge for this day. A notice with more details about the rest of the term will be out shortly.

Term 1, 2019 will start on Monday 4 February. We will be closed over the holidays.

We are covering enveloping this week.
Enveloping is characterised by covering or wrapping things. A child might wrap a doll in blankets or bury his legs in the sand. Discerning which of these is occurring is not as important as recognising a pattern and supporting the child’s play and learning.
Children who display these schemas may also like to: build structures to climb into (tents, huts or pretend castles), include enclosing elements, such as circles, in their painting and drawing, wrap themselves up in layers of clothes or bed clothing.

Thursday is National Shakeout Day we will doing the drill at 9.30am.

Bible story of the week: Noah and the Ark

Rockets Letter of the week: Revision of all letters, Casey the Caterpillar.

Luisa is away until Monday 5th November, Roselyn is the person responsible. Please speak to Shelagh or Roselyn if you have any queries.


PLEASE NOTE THAT FRIDAY THE CHURCH CARPARK WILL BE BUSY AT THE 11.45AM PICK UP. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to kindy on time.