Our current projects, 'Dinosaurs' and 'Bird's Nest', continue to attract interest. Different learning activities from these emerged. As a result, new curiosities were revealed driven by these, and the children will inform us where and when to unveil our new

Morena all - it's your personal trainer back with another workout! I came across this one and thought it looked like fun. It's HIIT style so it won't take long but you'll need a timer - some bonus mathematical learning

We will still open in the term breaks at the end of term 1, 2 and 3, where we will be running a holiday programme. Milford Baptist Kindergarten Term dates for 2020 Term 1 Monday 3 February    –    Friday 9 April 10 weeks (Closed

Milford Baptist Kindergarten (Primary and Intermediate Schools) Term dates for 2022 Term 1      Monday 1 February    –    Thursday 14 April 11 weeks (Closed Waitangi Day Monday 7 February) (Easter is during the term holidays). (Holiday Programme  Wednesday 20 - 22 April and Tuesday 26

Curriculum Inquiry: We are carrying on with enveloping this week. Enveloping is characterised by covering or wrapping things. A child might wrap a doll in blankets or bury his legs in sand. Discerning which of these is occurring is not as

Thank you the holiday programme was a great success, just a bit of fine tuning with all the details are needed. Just a reminder for those children coming to the Holiday Programme. Please remember to pack your child's morning tea, lunch and